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“And, In the Midst of Chaos, There was You.”

If there ever was a couple that was made in the dreams of so many, Laura and Patrick would be that couple.  They are gracious and kind.  They are quiet-spirited and love humbly.  Their families and friends are just the same.

I met Laura at the Pink Bride Knoxville wedding show last year.  These shows are completely overwhelming for many brides because there is so much to take in a short amount of time.  I spoke to Laura and her family a couple of times, learning that their biggest concern was how quiet natured this sweet couple was.  I felt honored to be given the opportunity to work with these beautiful human on their wedding day.  In my heart, kindness goes a long, long way.  And, I feel grateful each time I am gifted the ability to be surrounded by like-souls.

How They Met

Both students at the University of Tennessee, Laura and Patrick met by happenstance while accompanying a mutual friend to Cool Beans.  Well, and that’s were it all began. ❤️

The Engagement Story

Laura tells me::
It was the week of the Fourth of July, and we were planning to go to a party on the 3rd of July. I picked out a new dress and everything for the party because I was so convinced the proposal was going to happen that day. We hiked down to a waterfall, it was a pretty strenuous hike and a waterfall was soaking us. I desperately wanted to turn around and go back immediately because I was freezing. He turned to me and said “Don’t you want to take a picture?” And, then he pulled out the ring! Honestly, I don’t know if he actually even asked or if I just said “Yes!” I’m still a little embarrassed about that…☺️ We didn’t get any good pictures because the waterfall mist was all over the camera. But, that is probably a good thing because we were both covered in sweat. Haha!  I can definitely still remember the feeling of my stomach filling up with butterflies, though!

The Dancing Bear Wedding & Reception

This day was absolute perfection; the weather, the venue, the flowers, the cake, the bridal wear… The list of awesome just goes on and on.  Falling right in the middle of this Covid pandemic made changes to the original plans.  But, hats off to all of the amazing wedding professionals that made this day work beautifully in the midst of all abnormality.  (There is a list of these awesome folks at the end of the blog!)  And, it was the perfection in the midst of chaos that led me to the quote that will forever frame this day and this couple:

“And, In the Midst of Chaos, There was You.”

Thank you, Laura and Patrick for blessing me with your wedding day.  I am grateful to now call you friends and look forward to your adventure as husband a wife ❤️


Awesome Wedding Professionals that made this wedding day such perfection::

Wedding Gown:  White Lace and Promises, Stella York
Menswear: Bellario’s Tuxedo
Bridal Jewelry: Lewisburg Jewelers
Venue, Catering, Bar, and Equipment Rental: Dancing Bear Lodge
HMU: Grow Bridal
Florist: Coulter’s Florist, Maryville
Ceremony/Reception Music and Lighting: Mobile Beats Entertainment
Cake: Art of Cakes
Photography: Sarah Keenan, Westland Farms Studio
Second Shooter: Devon Adrianne Photography

Until Next Time~
Sarah Keenan, Wedding Photographer
Knoxville, Nashville, Asheville, Tri-Cities
Westland Farms Studio

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