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Happy Wedding Wednesday, friends!

Is it difficult for you to wrap your head around the idea that in two days we will have completed 2020? Time always seem to fly by for me. But, this past year… I mean, in so many ways, I can’t even recall participating in all 12 months. 🤪 It has been an absolutely weird-as-weird-gets year, one like none of us could have ever imagined. In so many ways, it was devastating, scary, and incredibly trying. But, in many other ways, it has been a year that has been fruitful, both emotionally and spiritually, and a very interesting time to be alive. This yin-yang of a year is exactly what has made it so strange.

And here we are. On the brink of a new moment. This is a huge week for dreaming, hoping, and goal setting. As I prepare for my last wedding of 2020, I have so many thoughts filling my head. Thoughts of gratitude, hope, a bit of anxiety, and a lot of excitement. I am looking forward to discussing the new year, hope, and action a little more. But for today, I hope you will allow your craziest dreams to run wild in your mind. Create your grandest adventures and feed the smallest flames. Great things begin with thought, belief, and hope.

And now… for this gorgeous Standard Knoxville wedding couple ❤️ And, I know there are so, so many newly engaged couples out there! Congratulations!! Now is the time to chat photos 🥰 Message me!

With Grit and Grace~
Sarah Keenan, Photographer
Westland Farms Studio, Knoxville
Nashville, Asheville, Chattanooga, Tri-Cities

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