“Something that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people.”

— Annie Leibovitz

Hi there!  I am so happy that you have found yourself visiting my little online home!

A little anxious about hiring the right photographer?  I get it.
9 times out of 10 one of the first things out of my client’s mouth is, “we are totally awkward in front of the camera.”  Well friends, me too.  And, that’s why I’m here 🥂

I am a photographer and educator who believes in a fearless approach, open mindedness, and a grateful heart.  I like awkward, silly, crazy, shy, extravagant.  Really, I just like people. 
And, I love their love stories.

I bring along over 17 years of experience, adaptability, professionalism, and a lot of laughs.
I love creating, exploring, and getting my boots dirty.  My goal is to capture authentic experiences for my clients, to know them, and to participate in our time together as though they are my closest friends.

Your story holds excitement, beauty, nerves, and touches.  Your images will reflect the details, the unexpected laughs, the quiet exchanges, and that moment when the tears or the smiles just couldn’t stop.  My photography is raw and moment driven. And, your images are crafted into telling your story just as it unfolded.

I continue to choose photography as my dedication because I believe people are the cat’s pajamas.  And, I am grateful that, together, we can impact, encourage, and tell your love story.  Out of the sea of Williamsburg photographers, I am glad you found your way to me.

Please be in contact and let’s start planning!

Sarah Keenan

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Williamsburg photographer
Weddings + Engagements
Photography Business Coach
Boudoir + Boudoir Educator
Portraits + content retreats

I am wrapping up my 17th year as a professional photographer and business coach + photography educator. 

A Texas native, I moved a lot as a young person: Texas, Utah, Minnesota, Tennessee, Florida, North Carolina, and now Williamsburg, Virginia.
After graduating from the University of Tennessee (Go Vols!) I moved from the Tennessee mountains and settled on the beaches of North Carolina. I moved to Virginia in 2022 and have created my home and studio just outside the historic Colonial Williamsburg.
I am currently situated in a little historic Williamsburg cottage and get to wake-up to sunshine and horses in my backyard most mornings. I have amazing kiddos, the most incredible man that I get to also call my best friend, a German Shepard and two Great Pyrenees that count as children, two hamsters, one fancy rat, two grand-kittens, indoor and outdoor gardens, and 4 fish tanks.

“You Did Not Wake-up Today to Be Mediocre” is the motto in our home. And, I do my best to live with genuine Faith and excitement in what is present at any given moment!

Travel + People are a HUGE part of what inspires me. It has been the travel and people that have sparked my love for this career path.
Inspiring others to create and embrace a beautiful, fierce life of their own is what drives me.

I am a southern girl with a mighty soul that cries at just about every wedding that I attend, belts old country love songs while I cook dinner, and would prefer a margarita at a hole in the wall restaurant to any other night out. I have an affinity to all things happy, wild, and off of the beaten path. I love black and white, and most shades of blue. I NEED sunshine and laughter. I love inspirational quotes, connecting with people, fresh flowers, the outdoors, and reading. My outlet is dance and running. Travel is my dig. And, all of my free time is spent with my crew.
My default is laughter and, man! Laughter has brought more peace to our crazy world than I ever thought possible. I am an enneagram 2 wing 3 sx. I am a hustler, dedicated to my family and clients and couldn’t believe more in the importance of the people in our lives, Grace, and the grit behind a hard working human.

I am grateful for this unpredictable, exciting, emotional career full of people like you. Connections with others and the creation of awesome business identity are my number one priorities.
You did not wake up today to be mediocre. I am already entirely excited about working with and serving you.

Let’s Do This!

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Sarah Keenan